Monday, March 24, 2014

R.I.P.D - DVD Review

          As an indie author, I have to say that when I see a movie like R.I.P.D, I think I’m in the wrong business.  If I knew of a way that I could send a script to someone who would read it, then I would do it because I can’t understand what goes through the minds of movie producers when they put a movie like R.I.P.D out on the market. 

           John Grisham said that he doesn’t like the slew of indie author books because they will hurt the book publishing industry.  You know what.  After seeing a movie like R.I.P.D, it may be time for some of the movie producers to start reviewing indie author books because to be quite frank, they’re much better than this dreck  

            Here we have a movie about a police officer who dies whose name is Nick.  He’s played by Ryan Reynolds.  He doesn’t go to heaven but instead goes to the Rest In Piece Department of the undead police in order to track down the man who killed him, who was Kevin Bacon, playing the part of Hayes.   Of course, there is a lot more happening since there is corruption in the police department. 

           I guess when they brought this script into play, the thought was Men In Black was popular because they had these people who would turn into monsters and we’ll do the same thing in this movie, making them the bad guys.  And of course, it’s up to Nick to save the day because if he doesn’t, them more monsters will be brought down to earth. 

           Yes, I have left out the part when Nick has a new identity, playing an old Asian American man, who is played by James Hong - a long way from BladeRunner - while his partner, a old Texas lawman, is a gorgeous blonde, who in this case is Jeff Bridges, getting top billing in a movie that he probably would want to hide from.  

            The movie and plot seem to move well even though the whole thing is ridiculous and the jokes fall flat.  The bigger question people may ask me is why would you want to even see a movie like this since you know what you’re getting into in the first place just by looking this up on the internet.  My answer is I’m not sure myself and that’s the reason I would say to avoid this movie unless you are paid to see it.  I give this movie no stars.  

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