Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hit & Run - DVD Review

        So now that Parenthood is over, Dax Sheppard gets ready to be in this acton comedy called Hit & Run.  He plays a man named Charles Bronson - yes, Charles Bronson - who is in the witness protection program.   His girlfriend, Annie Bean, who is played by Kristin Bell, has a job opportunity in Los Angeles.  Even though Charles can’t leave his home, he decides to take his girlfriend on a road trip to Los Angeles.  

          From there, the chase is on and Bronson people that are in pursuit of him are Annie’s ex-boyfriend, Bronson’s parole officer, and Alex Dimitri, leader of the gang that Charles was a part of when he was a getaway driver.  

           There were a lot of funny moments during this movie.  Most of them were by Tom Arnold, who played Bronson’s parole officer.  If he wasn’t crashing his car or discharging his gun accidentally, he was getting lost on the road and whatever Tom did brought out a lot of laughs in the movie.  

           Annie’s ex-boyfriend, Gil Rathbin, is also challenging Bronson in order to win Annie back, chasing him in his car throughout the drive to Los Angeles.  There were some fun moments in the movie even when Gil hit’s Bronson with a golf club.  Nothing to spoil here since that was in the coming attractions.  

           Bronson and Annie being on the road brought out some fun moments as well.  They just had a way of engaging with each other that brought out a lot of laughs.  Great chemistry between the two of them.  

           I think the one thing that brought this movie down was the part of Dimitri, who is played by Bradley Cooper.  Cooper has a long record of funny performances from The Wedding Crashers to the Hangover movies but he just got a terrible part in the movie.  You couldn’t help but cringe at many of the scenes that he was in.  Nothing to do with him.  It was the part he was playing and when it came to the script for this movie, he really got a raw deal.      

            Other than that, it is a fun movie with a lot of laughs.  I would be happy to give this movie four stars.  

Ron Hummer

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