Saturday, March 22, 2014

Roadracers - Video Review

           I bought this movie set that was titled Movies for the Man Cave.  There were eight movies there and this was one of them. 

           This was a made for TV movie that was on Showtime in 1994.  It was included in their Rebel Highway series that took titles of 1950s B-movies and adapted them to original films.   

            I wasn’t sure what to expect when the leading cast was David Arquette and Salma Hayek.  Let’s face it, I have no interest in seeing Here Comes The Boom and the only time I saw a good movie with Salma Hayek was when she was in Fools Rush In.  Haven’t seen anything good with David Arquette so she is up 1-0. 

            If anything, I was pleasantly surprised.  This was an excellent movie.  Nice performances from both of them and it was a great story.  Much of it was based on Arquette and his feud with the Sheriff and his son.  Their friends were along for the ride along with Salma Hayek. 

            It was a nice 1950s movie taking me back to the days of American Graffiti.  Up until the end, there were times that I was laughing and I enjoyed the music to boot.  

             I guess now the score is 2-1 in favor of Salma Hayek.  I didn’t care for the ending of this movie but the feud between Arquette and the sheriff’s son makes up for it.  I would give this movie four stars.  

Ron Hummer

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