Saturday, March 29, 2014

Enough Said - Movie Review

        In this movie, Julia Dreyfus takes the lead as Eva, a Masseuse going door to door to meet with various clients.  Eventually, one of her clients is Marianne, a poet who has been published.   

         In the meantime, Dreyfus also meets James Gandolfini, who plays Albert, at a party and their relationship develops.  What Eva doesn’t know that Albert is the ex- husband of Eva’s friend.  

          This is the plot of Enough Said although you don’t know until the middle of the movie that Albert is Marianne’s ex-husband.  What makes Eva’s friendship with Marianne more difficult is that Marianne is constantly complaining about Albert and all his bad habits.  

          If that isn’t enough, Eva is also developing a relationship with her daughter’s friend, which at times seems as if Eva cares more about her daughter’s friend than her own daughter.  At one point, Eva is giving her daughter’s friend advice about having sex with her boyfriend and that it’s okay for her to do that.  Of course, that advice comes back to haunt her during the movie as well as her relationship with Albert.  

           It’s hard for me to say that this wasn’t a good performance by Dreyfus or Gandolfini.  I think the problem in the movie was the script.  There wasn’t much of a plot and the subplot of Eva getting involved with her daughter’s friend seemed more than unusual and unrealistic.  My question would be wouldn’t have been more interesting if the focus was Eva’s relationship with her daughter and the question of whether she should have sex with her boyfriend instead of her friend being in that situation.              

            As far as the relationship between Eva and Albert, the only thing that seemed to hold them together was that their children were going off to college.  Other than that, as much as you heard Marianne complain about Albert’s habits, the only scene where it was visible was when Eva was having dinner with Albert and her friends.  If anything, the problems didn’t seem that big.  Maybe if the problems were worse, then this would have made the relationships more interesting to watch and develop.  

            If anything, you never really heard Albert complain about his ex-wife.  You would think that for all the problems that Marianne said that they had, you would think that it would be good to hear Albert complain about Marianne.  At the very least, you can see if Eva would be torn between the two in the relationship she was with them as a result. 

             For what it’s worth, it was good to see Gandolfini in a role outside of being a mobster.  I thought his performance was much better than Dreyfus since he didn’t have the problems with the script that Dreyfus had with her character.  Maybe I would have taken Dreyfus’ character more seriously if Eva were a therapist instead of a Masseuse.  

             You would think that since this was a comedy, Eva character might bring laughs to the movie since she is a Masseuse.  Instead, the only time that there was a chuckle in the movie was when one of her clients wouldn’t even help her up a long flight of stairs to a house when Eva was carrying heavy equipment. 

              The only reason I can give this movie three stars was because of Gandolfini.  His performance and character made the movie better than it was.  

Ron Hummer

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