Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Outsider - DVD Review

            Lex Walker is a mercernary who is recalled from Afghanistan to identify the remains of his daughter.  He arrives in Los Angeles at the morgue only to find that the woman who was killed was not his daughter.  

           This is how the stage is set for the movie, The Outsider, where Lex Walker, who is played by Craig Fairbrass, has a long list of roles in TV shows and B movies.   It probably explains the lack of dialogue in the movie or one liners that you would expect to see from Sly Stallone.    
            James Caan is in this movie also, although it’s only for 3 scenes.  He must have really needed the work since his last role with his son on Hawaii Five O.  

            Much of the movie is of course action and suspense with Walker searching for his daughter who really isn’t hard to find once he sets his mind to it.   The story is predictable as Walker fights and shoots his gun in order to find the answers to why his daughter is missing. 

            In one scene, Caan, who plays Schuster, is the person that Walker’s daughter is working for.   Caan doesn’t want to cooperate with Walker and this leads to a fight outside the office with two of his security guards.  

            The search for Walker’s daughter doesn’t take long and once he finds his daughter, he learns about an elaborate identifty theft scam that Schuster is involved with.  The scheme is so elaborate that it’s very hard to follow since it’s introduced so quickly. 

            The movie moves on and much of it is predictable with a plan to show what Schuster is involved with.  The plan to bring Schuster out into the open seems too risky at best but somehow, you know that they’re going to pull it off. 

             There is a lot of action and violence but much of it is predictable, briing down the suspense level since it’s pretty easy to predict what’s going to happen.  I can’t give this movie more than two stars.  

Ron Hummer 

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