Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fallen Angel by Chuck Logan - Book Review

          During a mission in the Iraq war, Captain Jessie Kraig, a helicopter pilot, is shot down accidentally by a man name Morgan.  Morgan had been taking guns from a military base and killing people who got in his way.    Once the helicopter is down, Kraig is trapped in the vehicle while one of the crew members - a woman named Mary - leaves the helicopter only to be murdered by Morgan.  

          This is the beginning of Fallen Angel, a novel by Chuck Logan.  Much of the story is told from different viewpoints, whether it’s Jessie Kraig, Morgan, or Davis, another man who is in the CIA.  

           In the beginning of the novel, I would say that Logan really knew how to make you feel that you were in the military.  There was the jargon between the crew members and the take off, leading up to the crash.  Logan does a great job at keeping the excitement with Morgan, making you wonder if there is anyone that is going to be able to stop him.  

           The suspense does continue as Jessie is admitted to the hospital.  Once she is there though, you could say that a lot of the suspense disappears.  She’s in critical condition and Logan takes you through the therapy she is given, which does not add much to the book.  

          The story is supposed to be about someone with amnesia but you really don’t see any signs of it like you would since she is unconscious and on drugs that she shouldn’t be on.  That would change once her medication is lowered.  

            While there are some good action scenes with other characters such as Davis, the suspense is not there still.  Things will pick up though when Morgan realizes that he has to take care of Jessie and other people who are investigating the crash and the murder of the crew member.  

             Once that does happen, I would say that the level of suspense rose to a very high level, bringing out Jessie Kraig as a strong woman who would have to figure out who killed Mary and why it was done.  It lead to a very exciting ending that I haven’t read in many books in a long time.  

            This leads to the second complaint about the book though.  I never really knew why Morgan was killing all these people in order to cover up his crimes.  It would have been great for me to understand the mystery behind this since he was working for someone else but that was not clear, even by the end of the story. 

             With all that said, I have to say that to some extent, it’s hard for me to give this book 3 stars because in many ways, it was much better than other 3 star books that I have rated.  I can’t give this book 5 stars because of the lack of suspense and the mystery of Morgan’s crimes.  In any case, I’ll go with 4 stars.  

Ron Hummer           

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