Saturday, August 16, 2014

Taxi Brooklyn - TV Review

         On one hand, it’s hard to believe the premise of Taxi Brooklyn on NBC.  Here, you have a homicide detective who isn’t allowed to drive a car because her boss thinks she’s a reckless driver.  As a result, she is supposed to be on foot patrol in Brooklyn.  Detective Cathy Sullivan doesn’t want to agree to this so she has her own personal taxi driver pick her up and drive her to murder scenes in each episode. 

          Yes, I’m sure this is hard to believe but I can’t help but like the show because Cathy Sullivan - who is played by Chyer Leigh - puts on a great performance as a feisty, tough detective who can give Kate Beckett of Castle a run for their money.  Her partner is a taxi driver named Leo Romba, who is played by Jacky Ido.  He’s from France and all he wants to do is to work in the US so he can send money back to his family.  

            The premise may be tough to take in but if you compare this to Castle where you have a writer who teams up with a police officer each week, then I think you can soften the blow on what’s believable when it comes to police shows.  Get some characters together that can blend action and comedy like Castle and you have a great show called Taxi Brooklyn. 

           The plot to the story is compelling.  Cathy’s father was a cop and she is after the person who killed him when he entered a car one night.  The suspect seems to be connected to a mobster.  Each episode brings her closer to the answers about what happened to her father and why he was killed.  

            The other side is the murders.  Like other homicide detective shows, there are clues that draw you into the story as to who the killer was.  So far, the show has done a good job of keeping the viewer guessing as to who the killer was in each episode.  

            Then there are the other characters that play a role in bringing more laughs o the show.   You have Eddie Esposito, who managed to get in a car with Cathy in the first episode only to have his nose broken in a car accident.  Then there is Cathy’s ex husband, who wants her back and she finds ways to manipulate him into helping her even though she won’t go back to him because she cheated on her. 

              Cathy’s mother plays a woman who seems like she wants to be 21 years old again now that she is a widow.  She is looking to meet men all the time, including Leo Romba, Cathy’s partner.  In the first episode, Leo is hiding under the sheets in Cathy’s mother’s bed while her ex-husband is looking for him. 

               Yes, the premise seems unbelievable but if Castle can be a hit with the same type of premise, then there isn’t a reason why NBC should try this out.  I’ve watched the first four episodes and thought that NBC could have a summer hit on their hands.  Might be interesting to see how it will do in the fall lineup.  Seems like a winner.  I would give it five stars. 

Ron Hummer 

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