Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Numbers Station - DVD Review

          The movie opens with Emerson Kent, who is played by John Cusack, going into a house to kill someone.  Cusack doesn’t want to kill the daughter in the home so he backs out of the hit only to find that his partner, Grey, who is played by Liam Cunningham, completes the mission.   

          Kent isn’t sure if he is up to anymore missions so being the CIA black ops agent that he is, his next job is to be in a deserted warehouse.  His job is to protect Katherine, who is played by Malin Ackerman.  She broadcasts codes every morning through a short wave radio and it’s Cusack’s job to make sure that she is able to do her broadcast everyday.  

           This is how The Number Station takes off.  I wasn’t able to follow the importance of the broadcast everyday and there was no explanation at the end as to why this was going on.  My guess was that these broadcasts protect CIA Black Ops agents but it would have been nice to have some sort of explanation of this. 

           The movie had some suspense, especially when the warehouse was under attack by a group of people.  Of course, you never knew who the group of people were or why they were attacking the warehouse until the end.  Again, that didn’t seem like much of an explanation for the attack as well.  

            You would think that if the broadcasts were that important, then at the very least, this group of people would want to capture Kent and Katherine, rather than kill them, especially since this code that was being broadcasted everyday was so important.  Instead, the suspense was based on this group trying to kill Kent and Katherine rather than capturing them. 

             At the very least, my thought was that if there was a point where Kent and Katherine were captured, then we would have had a better explanation of why this code and broadcast was so important.  As a result, I was lost and I’m sure that other people would have been lost as well, leaving the viewer to use their imagination to figure out what this was all about. 

              In any case, I would say that there was a lot of suspense in this movie and you never knew what was going to happen next.  Still, I had a problem with the codes so it’s difficult to give this movie more than three stars. 

Ron Hummer

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