Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll - Sitcom Review

The new FX comedy is out with Dennis Leary, taking a great title from rock and roll music and turning it into a sitcom.  Leary plays a rock star who was big at one time in the band called the Heatheans, only to be washed up years later because of too much drugs.

           Things change for Leary as he is reunited with his daughter at her request.  She has a proposal: write songs for me so I can be successful.  Leary, who is out of options on his life, decides that this is the best thing for him so he agrees to his daughter’s terms.  

           Part of the proposal with Leary is that he will have to get back to the band members.  Leary is worried about one member since he thinks that he will sleep with his daughter.  This is one of several conflicts that come up between the band members.  

            Leary seems great as a rock star, mentioning all the popular groups of the 70’s and 80’s such as The Rolling Stones and Pat Benatar.  Leary also feels that he can’t write songs for his daughter unless he’s high or drunk.  Leary’s daughter feels that he can write songs without being high or drunk.  

             Leary’s character doesn’t seem that believable to me since we have to rely on his knowledge of music, which comes from popular bands like the Rolling Stones, The Doors, or Pat Benatar.  If Leary wants to seem more believable to me and people of the 60’s to 80’s generation, then I would think he would have to mention other great bands such as Grateful Dead or Hot Tuna. 

              Leary’s daughter in the show plays a young rock star, taking on the role of getting the younger generation interested.  Explicit language in the show seems somewhat excessive but in the end, I felt that the characters pull off a goo job. 

              As far as a rating would go, I would give this show 4 stars. 


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