Sunday, September 13, 2015

Phantom Instinct by Meg Gardiner - Book Review

       Phantom Instinct by Meg Gardiner is a great psychological thriller which focuses on two characters, Harper Flynn and Aiden Garrison.  One thing that makes this book a great thriller are the main characters, since the story builds around them, making them memorable. 

        The story starts out fast paced, with Harper Flynn working in a popular L.A. Club as a bartender.  This night would change her life and others as there men would invade the bar.  Shots would be fired, causing terror in the crowd.  As a result, Flynn’s boyfriend, Drew, is shot and killed.  

         Harper would try and rebuild her life a year later, only to find out that the third man involved in the shooting is still out there.  The police don’t buy her story and her only hope is that she can get Aiden Garrison to help her since he was the only other person who saw a third shooter that night at the club. 

          As Harper and Aiden go after the killer, they discover that this person is from Harper’s past, bringing a whole new character out in Harper that I didn’t expect.  The story only became even more intriguing for me when I learned about Aden Garrison’s traumatic brain injury, which was called Fregoli Syndrome.  

          This would more than help in developing the story further as Harper and Aiden go after the killer, only to find that the killer has a plan for both of them which would take the story to a new level.  I found myself on the edge of my couch as the story rocketed along, turning the pages over and over again, wondering what was going to happen to Harper and Aiden. 

          As a result, there were a lot of surprises in Phantom Instinct, which led to a great ending that was more than exciting.   This book was considered a great summer read by Oprah.  Once I read Phantom Instinct, I understood the reasons why and I would be happy to rate this book more than five stars. 

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