Friday, September 11, 2015

City Hunter - South Korean Drama

      If you’re into a action packed martial arts drama with romance and comedy, then you may be interested in watching City Hunter, which is on Hulu.  It’s a 20 part series that takes place in South Korea.  

      The show begins when the South Korean President is visiting Burma along with some delegates.  A bomb explodes, killing some of the delegates.  South Korean officials want to strike back so they create a covert operation called the sweep mission called Operation Cleansweep.  The five men who plan this mission would send send a team of 21 men into North Korea to kill some of their delegates.  This team would be led by Lee Jin-pyo and Park Moo-yul.  

        At the last minute, the five officials decide to abort their plan because they’re concerned that the United States will withdraw their nuclear protection if the mission is made public.  When the mission is aborted, the officials decide that the men must be killed as well.  All the men would be killed by snipers except Lee Jin-pyo - also known as the General - who is saved by Park as he sacrificed his life.  

        Lee wants revenge on the men who killed his comrades so he would kidnap Park Moo-yul’s infant son, go to the Golden Triangle, and raise the child as his own and train him in the martial arts.  He would name Park’s son Lee Yoon-sung.  

         This is the plot which leads to City Hunter as Lee Yoon-sung grows up, looking to help Lee with his revenge on the 5 men who betrayed him.  The conflict though is that Lee Yoon-sung does not want to kill the men.  Instead, since the five men hold high levels of position in the government, Lee feels that he wants to bring them to jail for their corruption of the government.   In order for Lee to do this, he would have a secret identity as City Hunter.  

           Lee is also becoming involved with a woman named Kim Na Na, creating further conflict as the General doesn’t want to risk Lee revealing his identity to her.  This creates even more battles as Lee will have to use his martial arts skills to protect Kim Na na from the 5 men in the government as well as the General, who has his own agenda for the 5 men that ordered him to be killed. 

            There are some attempts at humor with other characters in the story as well as Kim Na-Na, since she is in a love hate relationship with Lee Yoon sung, who is a player in the drama as well.  Not knowing the truth about being kidnapped creates more tension between the General and Lee, especially when Lee wants to know what happened to his mother.  

             The conflict of Lee not wanting to kill the five men in office is intriguing, especially when he says that he doesn’t want to kill the men because he would never be the same again.  This conflict for Lee would be difficult to continue since the General is determined to have his own revenge, even if it means killing Lee in the process.  

              The drama is slow moving in the beginning until it picks up in the middle of the story.  As far as the ending goes, my feeling was that it was flat and unexpected, bringing it down a star for me.  Still, with all the martial arts action and the conflict and romance in City Hunter, I would still give it 4 stars.  

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