Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Equalizer - DVD Review

          Usually, I’m the first to say that Denzel Washington is always in a great movie but in the Equalizer, although he does give a great performance, the script for the movie is just too predictable and gritty.   

           Washington plays Robert McCall, a man who wants to put his mysterious past behind him in order to work at Home Depot.  By day, he helps people such as an employee who wants to become a security guard  At night, he hangs around a diner and becomes friendly with a prostitute named Teri.  

            Of course, Teri would have trouble with a client which means that she would also have trouble with her pimp, who would be a vicious thug named Slavi.   McCall would get involved which of course would lead to a confrontation with a bigger thug who was Slavi’s boss.  

            The action and suspense is great although most of it is gun fights.  It wasn’t hard to predict how the movie would end.  At times, you could say that the violence was a little too excessive and gritty, bringing the suspense down a notch.  We do learn more about McCall’s past as the movie goes along but it’s hard to blend his background in a story like this which if anything, is somewhat like an old Mickey Spillane novel called Kiss Me Deadly.  

            Since this movie involves Russian gangsters, there is a lot of stereotyping, which doesn’t help the movie, but this is common in Hollywood since this is a world where many people seem to have trouble speaking English.  It’s a great argument against freedom of expression since the writers in Hollywood don’t get it right and if anything offend bright and intelligent Russian men and women who live in this country and have no trouble speaking English.  

             As I said before, Denzel Washington finds a way to put on a good performance even though he can’t save this movie.  Can’t give it more than 3 stars.  

Ron Hummer 

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