Friday, January 2, 2015

Heatstroke - Netflix Streaming Review

        In Heatstroke, Stephen Dorf is a professor at a school where he is an expert on Hyena’s.  He is planning to go on a trip with his girlfriend to the African Desert to study them.  His ex-wife is demanding that he take his daughter with him because she is out of control.  

        That is the story in Heatstroke where Dorf is able to watch Hyena’s without being attacked.  Unfortunately, his daughter is not very happy about this trip.  Then again, what parent would want to have their teenage daughter on a trip of this nature.   After a few days, Dorf would take his daughter back to the airport, leaving his girlfriend behind for some unknown reason.   

            You could say that things took a turn for the worst for the Dorf and the movie when he is killed by two men who are arms dealers.  The story becomes a battle for survival as the ex-girlfriend and the daughter team up to try and get away from these men.  How they teamed up was not believable since the girlfriend walked for days in the desert without any food but somehow managed to find Dorf and his daughter by their car.  

           If you like a movie where people are battling the elements of nature such as Hyena’s and snakes and other creatures, then that’s one thing.  Yes, these men are on their trail and the story may seem to have suspense but my feeling was that I was ready just to turn the movie off out of sheer boredom.   

           It wasn’t so much that the movie was predictable as it was more depressing than anything else.  Killing off Dorf seemed to make the movie even worse.  Maybe if he managed to stay alive and was with the daughter and his girlfriend, then it could have been somewhat believable.  

            The only thing I could say about this movie that wasn’t more than an hour and a half and I wanted to turn it off before that.  In any case, I sat through it and felt it didn’t deserve more than one star.  

Ron Hummer 

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