Saturday, January 17, 2015

I'll Find You By Nancy Bush - Book Review

        I guess you can say that this book is a blend of romantic suspense along with being a psychological thriller.  Depending on the writer, I think it can be tough to follow a book with multiple viewpoints but in this case, Nancy Bush does a great job in I’ll Find You. 

         The major character in the book is Callie Cantrell, who has distant memories of a car accident that her son and husband didn’t survive.  It is then that she is confronted by West Laughlin, a former LA cop, who thinks she is someone else.   Little does Callie know that Tucker may hold the answers to the other woman’s identity.  

          The book does switch in point of views at that point and we’re introduced to Andre, the leader of a cult of women.  His character does add a lot of suspense to the book but what I really liked about the switch in points of view was that it all made me wonder what the hell was going on here, which in this case was a good thing.  

           Andre as a character brought out a lot of ill feelings of the women who were in the cult and in many ways, made the story believable, considering the fact that the idea would be tough to go along with.  Bush does a good job with this since you have to wonder why people would want to be part of a cult in the first place but my thoughts were that all of it was believable, which would be a challenge to any author.  

            If there was one thing that put me off about I’ll Find You, it was the excessive use of certain parts of the male anatomy.  I have read other books in the romantic suspense genre where the same thing was done so I really can’t fault the author for this since other writers have been successful in doing the same thing.  Nothing wrong with that because not everyone will feel the same way that I do.  

            I’ll Find You has memorable characters, a tremendous amount of suspense that did keep me on the edge of my couch, along with a lot of twists and turns that made for a great ending.  I have no trouble giving this book four stars.  

Ron Hummer 

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