Friday, December 26, 2014

The Thieves - Netflix Streaming Review

         You might think that this is just another heist film that would be up there with Ocean Eleven but I would say that you’re in for a big surprise when you see the movie The Thieves.   This is a film where people from South Korea team up with a crew from Hong Kong to take a valuable diamond called The Tear Of The Sun from a Casino. 

          The movie opens with two woman posing as mother and daughter in order to rob an art gallery.  The mother, who goes by the name, Chewing Gum, along with a wire woman named Yenicall, who is prepared to go down an elevator shaft to grab some valuable art like you would see Parker in action in the TV show Leverage. 

            Once the job is done, the group, led by Popie, wants to move on to a bigger score which would be to grab a diamond at the Casino.  Popie would team up with his old partner, Macau Park, in order to do this.  There are a lot of questions though since Macau Park disappeared after their last heist four years ago where $68kg of gold had disappeared and Pepsee, Park’s partner in the heist, was arrested for it. 

           Of course, this is a dangerous heist since the diamond is owned by the mistress of Wei Hong, who is a gangster and has a past with Macau Park as well.  As the movie moves along from past to the present, you would see that several of the thieves have their own agenda, making for an unpredictable outcome for the heist.  

            During the movie, there will be a good blend of action, comedy, and suspense as the days draw closer to the heist.  I would say that you would never know what is going to happen next as the heist starts and there were a lot things that I did not expect to happen, making the movie even more gripping all the way to the end.  

             Yes, this is not your typical Ocean Eleven’s movie.  I would say that in many ways, it was a better movie. It is certainly worth more than five stars.   

Ron Hummer   

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