Monday, December 29, 2014

The Other Daughter by Lisa Gardner

            The Other Daughter starts off with the execution of a serial killer.  The subject is not very appealing to me, especially when it comes to killing children, but I have to say that Lisa Gardner comes up with a way to create some tremendous plot twists in this book that really show her at the top of her game.  

            Melanie Stokes is an event planner and she had heard about the execution of a serial killer but based on dreams she is having, she is wondering if there is any relevance to her family that had adopted her after their daughter Megan was kidnapped and never found.  Her worst fears seem to be confirmed when she meets a reporter who says that she may be related to the serial killer.  

             The story takes off from there as Melanie starts to investigate this mystery after the reporter is killed and attempts are made on her life.  The tension in the story only grows based on a rich family that is corrupt and dysfunctional.  Add an FBI agent who was a former baseball player who has to deal with bad back problems to a cast of memorable characters that you will not like only makes the story even better. 

             Issues such as Melanie’s father, who is a doctor, make the story very disturbing when you read about the healthcare industry and the corruption of doctors made the story more engrossing for me.  You can also include Melanie’s mother, who is an alcoholic, and an abusive ex-husband, to make the story seem even more disturbing and realistic. 

             With all that, you have a great plot and a mystery of who killed Megan Stokes.  There are a lot of suspects and I was drawn into each one of them, not knowing until the end who the killer was.  It lead to a great climax that kept me riveted until I was finished.  

              This is only the second book that I have read by Lisa Gardner and I look forward to reading more of them.  It’s certainly worthy of five stars.  

Ron Hummer 

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