Friday, November 28, 2014

St. Vincent - Movie Review

         I guess there are times when movie producers get together and say hey, wasn’t Clint Eastwood great in the movie Gran Torino?  Once there was an agreement, the thought was lets see if we can create that racist character again and have him help a student who is being bullied. 

         As a result, we have the movie St. Vincent, where Bill Murray locks down Eastwood’s character right away in the first scene when two Hispanic men who are working for a moving company accidentally knock down a tree that ruins his fence and damages his car.  

         Yes, we see these men arguing with each other by speaking Spanish and Murray goes out there and asks them if they can speak English.  Of course, the movie takes place in 2014 so the answer is yes, they can speak English which would be progressive in Hollywood yet Murray gets to call them Chico and the Man in front of Melissa McCarthy, who is the neighbor that has hired these men to move her stuff into her house next door. 

           Since this takes place in Brooklyn, let’s add a hooker and a dancer in a bar who is Russian and can’t speak English.  She is an underpaid hooker though who is also a dancer who for some reason is in love with Murray since she is carrying his child.   You have to wonder where Murray is getting his money since he is losing at the racetrack and is in debt to a bookie yet somehow, his wife is in a huge retirement home because she has Alzheimer’s.  

            Somehow, Murray will have a relationship with McCarthy’s son, with McCarthy being blind to all this because she is working late hours at a hospital due to a divorce from her husband who won’t pay her any alimony yet he is fighting for custody of her son.  I guess you can say that the only performances that were good in the movie were by Melissa McCarthy and her son Oliver, who is played by Jaeden Lieberher.  

             By the end of the movie, it was obvious that Murray wasn’t going to live up to the role that Eastwood played and if that wasn’t irritating enough, my favorite song by Bob Dylan - Shelter From The Storm - was being played as the movie ended.  I ran out as the song started and will say this movie was worth 1 star.  

Ron Hummer 

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