Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Good People - DVD Review

          James Franco and Kate Hudson are the stars of the movie Good People, which is about a beleaguered couple who are facing eviction from their home and can’t afford the repairs on the new home.  Their fate seems to change when the man that their renting the basement is found by them dead from a drug overdose.  

          Tom Wright, who is played by James Franco, discovers a suitcase full of money in the ceiling.  While Tom and his wife are excited by this, what they don’t know is that this man stole the money from a bar and killed one of the four people in the group.  

           While this is a great premise, much of the excitement is built on a gang of vicious criminals which of course would lead to a lot of gratuitous violence and some graphic scenes which bring this psychological thriller down.  The movie could have had some promise if there was some mystery behind the criminals and a good plot but all this lead to a huge mess of violence and a predictable ending.  

            Making the story even more unbelievable is that there is such a lack of conflict between Sarah and Tom.  You would think that Sara would want to leave Tom or argue with him once she discovered that a group of vicious killers was after him.  The conflict of the movie could have been built based on a the couple disagreeing on whether to give the money to the police but the lack of conflict didn’t add any suspense to the movie as a result. 

            Add to this an older police detective who seems to have a very easy time when he finds that Tom and Sarah are spending the money.  And when the detective knows that a gang leader attacked Tom, he couldn’t arrest him since many of the policeman on the force are corrupt and in the back pocket of this criminal.  

            The movie seems to get even more predictable when it leads to a final show down with Tom and Sarah pitted against the people who are after the money.  It makes for a terrible movie that is only worth two stars.  

Ron Hummer

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