Thursday, November 27, 2014

Because She Loves Me by Mark Edwards - Book Review

Andrew Summer has gotten though an operation that has restored his sight both eyes. His luck seems to get even better when he meets the woman of his dreams, not knowing that she could also give him nightmares as well. 

This is the conflict that Mark Edwards covers in his psychological thriller, Because She Loves Me. The book is about an intense relationship between Andrew and Charlie where it seems that Andrew has met the woman of his dreams. 

The story moves along with Andrew having a black cloud over his head since he met Charlie. His friends are meeting with problems that were unexpected and Andrew may be the victim of an accident. The problems only seem to get worse when one of his friends is murdered. 

The plot only thickens when Charlie is unhinged because she wants Andrew to herself, not wanting Andrew to have any life of his own. Andrew is tested throughout the story and feels conflicted about Charlie, wondering what to do since he is in love with her. What makes Charlie even more mysterious is that she has a dark past and doesn’t want Andrew to know about it. 

The author does a great job in building tension based on the feelings Andrew has for Charlie. The emotions are strong and anyone that has been in a relationship can see that Mark Edwards has done a great job in making the tension of Andrew’s feelings build and move the story so you can’t stop turning the pages. 

Most of the ratings on Kindle were very strong with 96 out of 132 giving Because She Loves Me four or five stars. There were some complaints about the ending. I don’t agree with that. A psychological thriller has to have an ending that isn’t obvious and Mark Edwards does a good job of giving the reader an unpredictable ending that is satisfying. 

I would say that this psychological thriller ranks up there with many of the best books I have read this year. I only wish I could give this book more than five stars. 

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