Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tripwire - Book Review

         One thing that you can appreciate from a writer is is how he draws the mystery out.  In the case of TripWire, it’s something as simple as making you wonder if someone is alive or dead.    

         The person is Victor Hobie.  Reacher takes over an investigation by his mentor, Leon Garber.  An elderly couple to find out what happened to their son who died in a helicopter crash during the Vietnam War.  They can’t get any answers from the army.  If that isn’t enough, their son isn’t going to be honored by being on the Vietnam War.  

          The other part of the story is about Hook Hobie, a loan shark who wants to take over a business and will go by any means to do it once he has the owner of the company in his grasp.  Hobie is a man with a disfigured face and a hook for a right hand, making him a very scary character throughout the book.  

          Of course, there is a lot of action with Reacher and his new girlfriend, Jodie Garber, as they are caught in the crossfire of Hobie because he doesn’t want Reacher to investigate what happened in Vietnam.   This includes some gunplay and a car chase which brings out more tension in the book, beside a great romance between Reacher and Garber.   

           The book is more of a mystery rather than a action packed novel that Child has written such as Die Trying but I don’t mind since I enjoyed Running Blind, which was a great mystery as well.  Reacher thinks he has all the answers but you see the other side of him as he tries to deal with the issue that he may be wrong about what he things about Hobie.  All that makes the mystery even more intense as I turned the pages in this book. 

           There seemed to be some complaints about long drawn out descriptions or that the book was too tedious.  I really didn’t see that in this book.  Most of all, I was happy that even though Child could have shown his characters to be more brutal, he didn’t, leaving that to the imagination of the reader which I always appreciate.   

           This is Lee Child at his best and again, I’m happy to give it more than five stars.  Looking forward to reading Echo Burning soon.  

Ron Hummer 

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