Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Episodes - DVD Review

        I admit that I’m behind in this series - just finishing the second season - but I have to say that Matt LeBlanc has come a long way from Friends and it’s good to see that he’s in a great comedy like Episodes.   

        The series is about a TV series that was adapted from two people from London, Sean and Beverly Lincoln.  In the first season, Matt, who plays himself, has already ruined the marriage of the Lincoln’s yet wants to make up for it by buying each of them a Mercedes.   Of course, they argue about accepting the car, which makes that scene as hilarious as others in the show. 

         John Panklow plays Merc Lapidus, the producer of the show who has problems due to the fact that the show has bad ratings.  He’s a foul mouth executive who seems just like Ari if you watched the series Entourage with Jeremy Piven.  Not a pleasant character by any means but since this is on cable TV, they can get away with his constant cursing since it can’t be done on Network TV. 

          In the meantime, Matt is having an affair with his wife, who is blind,  while Merc is having an affair with his assistant.  When Sean and Beverly find out about Matt’s affair, they yell at him and Matt’s reply is ‘I miss this.”  

          Being that this show is on Showtime, the writers have the advantage of being outrageous and pushing the comedy to unlimited means, such as Matt having an affair with his stalker.  Not sure that other actors or actresses would appreciate the humor considering the stories in the media regarding stalkers.   

           Of course, everything seems to be coming to a head during the finale.  Will Sean and Beverly get back together.  Will Merc find out his wife is having an affair with Matt.  Will the show make it to another season?   

            I really enjoy Episodes and have to say that it’s worth five stars.   

Ron Hummer

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