Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bloody Secrets by Caroline Garcia-Aguilera - Book Review

         In Bloody Secrets, Luis Delgado is a Cuban refugee who arrives in Miami on a raft.   His plan is to get the money back that belongs to him from Miguel and Teresa de la Torre, a rich family who also arrived in Miami on a raft a few years ago.  

           Once Delgado arrives, he meets a man who attempts to kill him.  Delgado stops the man and tells him that he won’t kill him as long as he tells Miguel and Teresa that his attempt to kill him was successful.  

            Now in hiding, Delgado wants Lupe Solano to investigate Miguel and Teresa and find a way to get his money back from them.  After some consideration, Solano agrees to take the case.  

            Much of the suspense in the story for me was wondering why Solano wanted to take the case.  Delgado doesn’t seem like a man that you could trust and could be dangerous yet Solano wants to help him get the money back.  

             In addition, the book moves with some humorous moments when Solano is taking other cases such as following a man to see if he is having an affair.  Her goal was to get some pictures of the man with the woman.    

              Other moments included her assistant, Leonado, who spends time in the office fumigating Solano’s office after Luis leaves since he smokes cigars.  If he’s not doing that, he’s growing pot in Solano’s yard.

               Like her other novels in this series, Carolina blends the story with some history about Castro and the feelings that characters have in the story towards the dictator such as her father.  It is a learning experience for me since I do not know much about the feelings that the Cuban community has towards Castro and it makes the book more interesting.  

               There is a mystery added as well with some murders during the story and Solano manages to solve the mystery since it was a surprise as to who the killer was.  

Lupe Solano is a fun character in the story who would be considered feisty and funny with a lot of sass.  She does make this mystery very entertaining.  

                Other than that, I thought the pace of the story was slow and there were times that the suspense wasn’t there for me.  All in all, I enjoyed the story enough to give it four stars and want to continue to read this series.  

Ron Hummer 

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